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One door closes and another door opens:

As you may know, GKR Karate organises trips to Okinawa every two years. Being the birthplace of karate, multiple seminars with various masters of various traditional karate styles are organised. The aim of this, beyond the cultural experience, is to expose our students to countless principles, techniques and applications.

August 2020 was set for our next trip with over 100 students from around the GKR globe looking to make the pilgrimage. Sadly, due to Covid-19, International travel has been banned to ensure public safety. As disappointing as this is, it also presents a unique opportunity.

With the arrival of ZOOM and live online classes, for the first time in history, students will be able to gain the rich experience of Okinawa Karate without the need to invest considerable time and money required for international travel.

Our Second Okinawa seminar:

Tetsuhiro Hokama Sensei will be conducting our second Okinawa Online seminar. A 10th Dan in Goju-Ryu and master of Shodo (the Art of traditional Japanese calligraphy) he has dedicated much of his life to not only teaching karate but compiling and preserving its history.

Few of Karate’s forefathers ever documented their studies, techniques and philosophies, and of those who did, much of this was destroyed during the severe bombings of Okinawa in WWII. Hokama Sensei spent years collecting historical items, written works and knowledge from Karate’s history, and founded the World’s only Karate Museum in Okinawa.

An Opportunity to Learn Equals an Opportunity to Help

Beyond its contribution to the World by developing the great art of Karate, Okinawa holds a special place in GKR’s heart as we have forged friendships with many karate masters. It’s also one of the most beautiful places on the planet.

Sadly, the island is struggling. Its lockdown laws were initiated long before the UK, Australia or New Zealand. Already over 30 hotels have gone bankrupt and countless shops and restaurants. And of-course with karate classes closed, masters are also struggling to make ends meet.

While our tourist dollars cannot help the Okinawa economy (we will be back there again however), we can at least contribute to some of the island’s karate masters. The entirety of fees for these classes goes to the instructor, helping them to keep their doors open and the art of karate alive.

Considering the fee for these classes has usually coincided with expensive international flights and hotels, this opportunity comes at the cheapest price imaginable.

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Date - Sunday 26 July 2020

Australia (EST): 6pm , SA: 5:30pm , WA: 4pm
New Zealand: 8pm
United Kingdom: 9am

$30 for Australian & New Zealand students
£15 for UK students

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