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Dan Grade Kata Pack #1

This pack is suitable for advanced Karate-ka and covers kata requirements for 2nd Dan and 3rd Dan Black Belt.

What you'll get:

  • Kururunfa
  • Kanku-Dai
  • Shisochin

Each pack contains two videos for each Kata: 1) Kata performed To the Count, and 2) a Technique Breakdown of the Kata.

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These videos are meant to represent how each kata is performed within GKR Karate. They do not claim any greater authenticity over versions practised by other karate styles.

Do not be concerned if there are small differences between how a technique is demonstrated in the video vs the way you’ve been taught. These minor variations are inevitable due to differences in people’s interpretation. Focus instead on the greater overall learning benefits of each video and speak with your senior instructor if you have any queries.