Take the first step towards a stronger, more confident YOU.

Our FREE Five Step Self-Defence Challenge equips you with practical tools to build strength, improve confidence and stay safe.

ADDED BONUS: Five Step Self-Defence Challenge participants also receive 7 days of FREE ACCESS to exclusive training videos in the GKR Online Karate & Fitness Academy.

What is the Five Step Self-Defence Challenge?

The FREE Five Day Self-Defence Challenge empowers you with the skills and knowledge to stay safe in any situation.

Over five days, you'll learn essential self-defence techniques in an easy-to-follow format.

We've selected techniques that are both simple to learn and practical to apply in a variety of self-defence situations.

Cultivate Character

The Five Step Self-Defence Challenge is more than just learning techniques. Each step is designed to hone your physical prowess & instill vital life skills. 

Boost Fitness

Put your learning to the test with our training drills, designed to complement each step of the challenge while you work up a sweat.

Exclusive Content

As part of our Five Step Self-Defence Challenge, you'll receive free trial access to GKR Online Karate & Fitness Academy!

Why Should You Take the Challenge?

Everyone deserves the sense of empowerment & peace of mind that comes from knowing how to protect themselves and their loved ones. Prioritising personal safety has never been more important.

By taking the Five Step Self-Defence Challenge, you can expect...

Increased self-confidence
Enhanced personal safety
Build focus & discipline
Practical self-defence skills
Coordination & balance
Greater response awareness
Improved strength & fitness
Personal development

Turn your fear into fuel with the Five Step Self-Defence Challenge

Over five days, you’ll learn practical skills for protecting yourself in real-world situations. Master essential self defence techniques at your own pace, fostering a sense of self-assuredness and peace of mind. 

With added bonus access to our exclusive online video library, this is your first step towards strength, resilience, and an invincible you.

Start your journey today!

What is the GKR Online Karate & Fitness Academy?

Are you ready to dive deeper?

Train anywhere you want, wherever you are, with live and on-demand karate & fitness classes.

The GKR Online Karate & Fitness Academy offers a comprehensive curriculum that incorporates practical techniques and theory, providing a flexible, well-rounded training experience for students worldwide.

Flexible Learning

Enjoy a varied schedule of live classes that offer real-time feedback and accountability of live classes, as well as over 240 on-demand sessions. Train under GKR Karate's top instructors where and when it suits you.

Comprehensive Resources

Our well-rounded collection of resources will help you not only in the dojo but also in everyday life. We go beyond strikes and blocks, encompassing karate theory, technique tutorials, fitness sessions, and more. 

Authentic Gradings

Our online gradings maintain the integrity and discipline that GKR Karate is known for. Progressing through our belt journey demands. hard work, commitment, and personal growth - just as it would in a physical dojo.

Don't just take our word for it!